Welcome to Little Falls Veterinary Clinic and Tri-County Veterinary Services

Please call us at 315-823-3266 to make an appointment at the veterinary clinic or schedule an appointment to visit your farm.  We are located at:  5456 State Route 167, Little Falls, NY 13365

Sitting in the Township of Manheim, the Little Falls Veterinary Clinic, has been home to a mixed-animal practice since 1960.  The practice was purchased by Dr. Barry Spaulding in 1996.  The clinic building was enlarged and remodeled in 2007, and the practice expanded to two veterinarians with the arrival of Dr. Sarah Snell in June 2009.  Dr. Snell purchased the large animal portion of the practice July 2013, and operates from the same building under the business name Tri-County Veterinary Services

The Little Falls Veterinary Clinic provides high quality health care for dogs and cats. The comprehensive yearly physical examination continues to be the primary tool to identify health concerns, and then take steps to help your pet live a happy, healthy and long life. We test and vaccinate to protect pets from infectious disease. Our two veterinarians provide a full compliment of modern medical and surgical services. The clinic is equipped with in-house laboratory, digital radiology, digital dental radiology and ultrasound to aid in the diagnosis of disease . Modern surgical and dental suites are well equipped with up-to-date patient monitors, anesthetic ventilators and sevoflurane anesthesia to provide the safest anesthesia event for each patient.  Both veterinarians attend continuing education courses to stay up to date with advances in veterinary medicine and surgery.   

Dr. Snell provides the vast majority of the large animal veterinary care and operates under the business name Tri-County Veterinary Services.  Large animal medications and supplies continue to be available at the Little Falls Veterinary Clinic location.  Clients in need of large animal veterinary services may still call the 315-823-3266 number to make an appointment.  

The Little Falls Veterinary Clinic is easy to find, located at the halfway point between Little Falls and Dolgeville on State Route 167.  Check the directions section for a detailed map and picture.

Dr. Spaulding and Dr. Snell work with their team to provide the best possible care for your small and large animals.  At Little Falls Veterinary Clinic, our mission is to practice preventative health care through the wellness examination and client education.  We provide medical, surgical and dental services.  Please call 315-823-3266 with questions or to make an appointment.

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Dr. Barry Spaulding and Dr. Sarah Snell
Little Falls Veterinary Clinic 


5456 State Route 167
Little Falls, NY 13365




Upstate Vet. Specialties, Latham: 518-783-3198 Capital District Vet., Latham: 518-785-1094 Veterinary Medical Ctr, E. Syracuse: 315-446-7933 Cornell University, Ithaca: 607-253-3060

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